Connection kit for 1” circulating pumps, with bypass

Connection kit for 1” circulating pumps, with bypass

The connection kit for 1”  circulators is composed of:


  • Flanged ball valve provided with insulation T-handle.
  • Circulating pump with press-cable (for the models with it).
  • Flanged 3-way ball valve supplied with in-handle thermometer (coded red, range 0°C-120°C).
  • 2 pcs of set 1”1/2 nut and gasket.




  • Flanged 4-way ball valve with non return valve 20 mbar (which can be excluded by rotating the handle by 45°) supplied with in-handle thermometer (coded blue; 0°C-120°C).
  • Set 1”1/2 nut, gasket and male x female adapter.
  • Set bypass valve 0-0,5 bar and set compression end 22 mm (centre distance 125 mm).

PN 10. Max Temperature 110°C.

External connections: 1” or 1”1/4 Female.


Available circulating pumps:

Wilo Star RS 25/6 (W6)
Grundfos UPSO 25-65 (G60)
Wilo Star RSG 25/8 (RSG8)
Wilo Stratos Pico 25/1-6 (P6)
Code 1”: 10358-ISO  -  with circulating pump: 10358-ISO-(W6/G60/RSG8/P6)
Code 1”1/4: 10458-ISO  -  with circulating pump: 10458-ISO-(W6/G60/RSG8/P6)

  • Model: 10358 / 10458